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AC/DC Shockingly Admits that (some) Rock n Roll is in fact NOISE POLLUTION!

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Despite the hit song titled the contrary, AC/DC concedes that some rock n roll qualifies as “noise pollution”.

LONDON, UK- In the anthem from 1980’s Back in Black, the “Thunder from Down Under” defended rock n roll against allegations that it caused hazardous effects on the aural environment.  Thirty-plus years later, the band has changed its defiant stance.

“I must admit that today’s rock music is in fact complete shit,” Johnson told Effin’ 88.5.  “Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any shelter to the seemingly endless stream of garbage polluting the airwaves.”

When pressed, Johnson declined to name any specific bands.  However, bandmate and guitarist Angus Young was more than happy to elaborate, with specificity:

“I could go on forever, mate.  The fucksticks in Nickelback are public offender #1.  Not only do they write the worst shit ever, they write it over and over again.  I mean, we wrote the same song at least 5 dozen times, but the song was a fucking ripper, mate.   The dickbags in Disturbed are almost as bad as the Nickelfags, but I give them credit for working animal sounds in every tune.  I really have no idea why anyone would ever listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Pure drivel.  Staind’s latest song is called “Not Again”…which is exactly how I feel when I hear Staind.  All you really need to know about the band Seether is that they named themselves after a Veruca Salt song (I shagged the hot one) and they’re South African.  Then there’s a bunch of queers who call themselves rock bands, but clearly aren’t:  The Black Keys, Foster the People, Florence and the Machine, Coldplay.  Those blokes can eat a bag of dicks, or better yet, the barrel of a gun.”

When sarcastically asked to “tell us how you really feel”, Young simply took a drag off his cigarrette and spit in my face.

Rock n Roll isn’t dead.  Like everyone, it just got really old and judgmental…

Hey, that sounds kinda like someone else I know.

– Mr. Sex

Baby, I’m the King!

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Turn it up, MAN!

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Another passage from the Book of SHEEN.

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The Book of SHEEN.

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Higher Education

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Crime and Punishment.

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Poetry SLAM!

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Nebular (against my protesting) decided to accept an invitation by some local beatniks to take part in the Thursday night Poetry Slam at the Hideaway Cafe.  Phil took his flip camera and captured the fun.- Mr. Sex

I’m not sure how this happened…

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So, here’s an unsolicited email I got from a (seemingly) nice girl named Hannah.  She’s apparently under the impression that I’m in the market for some women’s undergarments.  I guess that’s what happens when your name is “Mr. Sex”.

I guess the main question is…”would ya?”.

From:     sexyvixen91 <>
Subject:     RE:college girl pics and panties
Date:     January 10, 2011 4:53:59 PM EST

Hey what were you looking for specifically?

I sell pics, panties, bra’s, pantyhose, socks, and footwear etc.

I do not meet face to face if that is what you are looking for.